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Silk lettuce

Passion for Quality

Local fresh cuisine
for everyone

Origin's focus is to give back to the land; the origin where all our food begins. We believe that farmers are a huge part of what makes a community thrive. Our goal is to promote farming techniques that are resilient, diverse and adaptable for a healthier food future. 


Many farms across the country have soil in bad shape. Industrial agricultural methods in use today and over the last half-century have caused a loss in half the topsoil in the United States to pour land management. 


The concept of a whole-farm system; the life of the living soil; vital roles that cooks can play in inventing cuisines that reflect sustainability and place; the invitation to everyone to think about how or what we eat, will support a truly resilient agricultural future. 


Wherever the location, the consistent theme of each dinner is to honor the people whose good work brings flavorful bounty to the table. Origin believes that this kind of affection has the potential to truly effect real and lasting change in our food system.

Healthy Soil
Hearty Plants
Happy People

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