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"Origin's mission is rooted in a commitment to nourish and give back to the very source of our sustenance—the land, the origin of all our food. We recognize the pivotal role farmers play in fostering thriving communities and believe in promoting farming techniques that embody resilience, diversity, and adaptability. Our vision is dedicated to cultivating a healthier food future by nurturing the land that sustains us.


Across the nation, many farms grapple with depleted and compromised soil. Widespread use of industrial agricultural methods over the last half-century has led to the erosion of half the topsoil in the United States, a consequence of poor land management practices.

At the heart of our philosophy lies the concept of a whole-farm system, acknowledging the life within the living soil and understanding the vital roles that chefs can play in crafting cuisines that echo sustainability and reflect a sense of place. We extend an invitation to everyone to contemplate the intricacies of our food choices, fostering a collective awareness that contributes to a truly resilient agricultural future.

Our dinners, hosted in various locations, share a consistent theme—an ode to the hardworking individuals whose dedication brings forth the flavorful bounty gracing our tables. Origin believes that fostering such a deep connection has the potential to enact genuine and enduring change within our food system.

In embracing a regenerative mindset, we strive not just to sustain but to rejuvenate the land, to honor the interconnectedness of our food sources, and to inspire a profound shift in the way we approach and appreciate the sustenance that nature graciously provides. Through this commitment, Origin endeavors to be a catalyst for meaningful and lasting transformation within our food and agricultural systems.

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