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(Fresh Air Friday at Onalaska Gundersen Clinic's Parking Lot)

May 27, Friday   11am - 2 pm

Sandwiches $13


~ Pulled Pork On a Oat and Almond Bun/ Cabbage/ Caramelizad Onions/ Relish/ Carrot-lina BBQ Aioli 


~ Crispy Chicken On a Oat and Almond Bun/ Pickled Jalapeños/ Soy Sauce Mayo/ Lettuce


Small Plate $9


~ Vegetarian Chili Cheese Nachos 


~ Grain Bowl/ Seasonal Veggies 



Sides $4


~ Origin Pasta Salad  


~ French Fries/ Mushroom Truffle Aioli and Ketchup




Drinks $4


~ Strawberry Soda


~ Water $2

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