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Private Events

Although Origins main focus is farm dinners, we also do private parties. We meld the Origin Experience with your intuitive ideas, making it a unique and immersive experience that cultivates connection between you

and all of your guests. Creating a memorable experience for your guests. 

Customizing your events is something we focus a lot of our energy on. Thinking of every meticulous detail to

create an event unparalleled to others. 

The farmer’s bounty and surrounding scenery molds each event. As we can adapt your ideas to our party style. We can create something very intriguing inside or out, without dirtying your dishes or your kitchen.

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Communal dining is a quintessential human experience. Food is no longer a matter of survival, nor purely power; it confers the status and identity with which we distinguish ourselves from others and at the same time gives us the sense of community. 

Here at Origin we to break down all the traditional parameters on dining, farming, and communication. 

Start planning your private event experience with us:

Thank you!

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